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The Hearing Place located in Munster, IN. We have been helping young adults to seniors with hearing loss for 29 years as we continually strive to deliver knowledgeable care solutions to all our patients. Our center dispenses a variety of digital programmable hearing aids, depending upon the type and degree of hearing loss. Each patient is directed to choose the best solution for their lifestyle and budget.

We carry a full line of the most advanced hearing aids from major manufacturers. This includes all styles of in-the-ear products to the tiniest deep hearing aids. We also offer all sizes of behind the ear styles and tiny receivers in the hearing aids. All different styles come in various technology levels from budget to very high-level products. We work with each patient and advise them to select the most ideal fitting solution for their needs.

Vi Bassett has owned the Hearing Place since 1989 and says, “It is my mission to merge compassionate customer service with personal care. Every person has a different hearing loss and a different need that is considered after testing, evaluating, and counseling. Each person is unique. Even the structure and bend of each ear canal is unique, as well. Therefore; I look in both ear canals with a fiberoptic camera, so patients can view on a large TV monitor what I am seeing and what needs attention.

Many of our patients have a busy and active life style that includes young adults to “baby boomers” and even some seniors. We offer blue tooth connectivity along with hearing aids that can be controlled with remote controls. Technology has now provided iPhone and Android compatibility, so you can control your hearing aids with your own phones for volume and program changes.

We have said for years that “we want to fit your lifestyle and we offer personal comprehensive care you can trust!” If you are having problems hearing and understanding we would love to re-connect you to LIFE again! Please call us for a free hearing exam and evaluation to see what hearing aids and technologies are best for your way of life!

Vi Bassett, B.S./ B.C.H.I.S.
The Hearing Place/Munster

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